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Five Must-Haves for Athletic Growth

Are you a dancer who struggles with "plateauing" or feeling like you're not able to make progress for long periods of time? Are you a teacher working with students who are stagnating? Check out these five important components of athletic growth from a mental health standpoint: Vulnerability, Motivation, Willingness, Trust, and Self-Compassion.

If any of these puzzle pieces are missing, growth may feel impossibly challenging, but the beauty of this work is that there is ALWAYS room for change. If you find yourself lacking in any of these areas, hope is NOT lost and you are not alone! It is incredibly common for dancers to struggle with these things, especially during major life transitions and periods of heightened stress.

The first step to solving a problem is always assessing what the problem actually is. If something here resonates with you, whether for yourself or for a student, use this as inspiration to seek further support. Sometimes, the biggest thing standing in between us and our goals is our mindset!

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